“The man names his wife Eve because she was the mother of all living...Eve as an ancestor, she is believed to be unique in that although all people after her were physically created from women, Eve herself was created from a man””...

This package is aiming the dynamic Bride who wishes to live the excitement and joy of creating her own unique Wedding Package incorporating all her wishes and what she dreamed of the Best Day of her life…!

We do the paperwork and all what is included in the Eden Organization Package
And we leave the Bride to build her own package ...
Once we received your desired package, your personal Wedding planner starts continuous communication with you and during this time you can add/deduct or upgrade anything you like..
…just click Eve’s Creation list and “pick & tick”..!

Eve’s Creation Package - price based on what you chosen, plus the Eden Organization Package and will be given once you completed your desired list..

The Packages do not include the following

  • Ceremony Venue rental and decoration fees
  • Townhall Registrar fees
  • Church fees/donations