You will be required to provide the following original documents:

British Passport Holders ( Civil Weddings )
  • Birth Certificates
    Some Town halls do not accept shortened certificates.
    Ayia Napa TownHall accepts either Full or shortened certificates.
  • Passports
    Bride’s, Groom’s and Witnesses’ 10 year Passports with at least 3 months prior expiry (when you are in Cyprus). Witnesses must be over 18 years old.
    Photocopies of the photograph pages of each of the passports.
  • Decree Absolute (if either party is divorced)
    If either party is divorced, you will need the Original Decree Absolute bearing the Official court stamp. If the Bride has reverted back to her maiden name this must be stated in the Single Statutory Declaration, otherwise she will need to bring her original Marriage Certificate with her or a Change of Name document.
  • Name Change Deed (if applicable)
    If either party has changed their name from that shown on their Birth Certificate by either Adoption or Deed Poll, the originals of these documents showing the name changes will be required.
  • Death Certificate (if either party is widowed)
    If either party is widowed, the Death Certificate of the deceased spouse and the Original Wedding Certificate will be needed.
  • Single Statutory Declaration (also known as Affidavits) based on the Statutory Declarations Act. 1835, prepared, dated, stamped (containing the word solicitor) and signed by a Registered Solicitor(or a Commissioner for Oaths or a Notary Public in the UK) on their letter headed paper stating that you are both single and free to marry. They must be prepared for each one (Bride & Groom) containing your full name, address, nationality, passport number, profession, religion and marital status. Due to the fact that this Declaration is valid for 3 months only, it is advisable to obtain it some weeks before your Wedding date so is still valid during your stay and marriage in Cyprus.
    In case you are under 18 years old, a parental consent must be incorporated in the Declaration.
    For residents of Scotland or Wales the above Declaration can be replaced by a Certificate of No Impediment which you can obtain from the Registry Office. This is valid only for 3 months so you must make sure that you obtained it less than 3 months prior your Wedding Day.
Irish Passport Holders ( Civil Weddings )
  • Long Birth Certificates
  • Passports ( plus photocopy of each passport )
  • Decree Absolute if either of you have been married previously
  • Name Change Deed if applicable
  • Freedom to Marry Certificate from Minister of Foreign affairs , Dublin , Ireland ( 01478022 – Consular Section ) or relevant Embassy of country of residents
    This certificate is valid for 120 days so we suggest you obtain 6 – 8 weeks before your wedding date.

In addition to the above you will require a photocopy of each of your witnesses passports and they do not need to attend the Town Hall for your registration, their passport copies will suffice.
Witnesses will sign your wedding certificate on the wedding day.

Once you have obtained all the above ( and to put your mind at ease ) please send a copy to your co ordinator to check all is satisfactory.


All of the above documentation will be required with a few additional documents as follows :

  • Either party must have Proof of Baptized which can be a Baptism Certificate or a letter from your local priest.
  • Form B which you need to obtain from the Town Hall when you attend for registration and this is Certificate of Notice & Fixing Date & Time of Celebration of Marriage.
  • Anglican Church Fees
    The fees for wedding are € 600 and deposit required to confirm booking is €300 which is payable direct to the church , the remaining balance of €300 will be paid here in Cyprus to the reverend when you attend your pre- wedding meeting.
    For blessings and renewal of vows the fee is €390 and deposit required to confirm the booking is €200 again payable direct to the church , the remaining balance of €290 to be paid here in Cyprus to the reverend when you attend your pre wedding meeting.
    Church weddings carry a cancellation fee of approx. €265.

If a foreigner and resident in Cyprus for more than 1 year, must obtain additional Marriage Certificate Form from Ministry of Interior in Nicosia to confirm they are free to marry , this applies to Civil or Church Weddings

For residents in other countries it may be necessary for you to have papers stamped by various ministries in your own country and each country varies as they have different regulations so we will advise accordingly ….

Some of the authorities responsible for supplying marital status certificates according to nationality
Swedish passports Swedish Tax Administration
Norwegian passports Registry of Population
Finnish passports Extract from the population information system in Finland
Lebanese passports Ministry of Interior-Document & translation should be
Stamped by the Cyprus Embassy in Lebanon
(a true copy is required by the Lebanese Embassy
in Nicosia/Cyprus) & by the Minister of Foreign Affairs
Russian passports Russian Government Authorities in Russia-
-Archives of the Registry Office of the Administration
Of the Region- Apostille Stamp / or the Russian Embassy
in Nicosia-Cyprus
Israeli passports Ministry of Interior
Moldavian passports Ministry of Information Development-Civil Status Service-
Certificate of civil status
Bulgarian passports Municipalities
Slovakian passports Citizen’s sworn statement before a consular official at the
Slovak Embassy
German passports Civil Registry Office
USA passports Citizen’s sworn statement (affidavit) before a consular
official at the embassy or a consular office in USA
This notarial service is provided by the USA Embassy,Nicosia
Philippino passports National Statistics Office – Republic of the Philippines
(stamped by the Cyprus Consulate in the Philippines)
-stamped by the Consulate of Philippines in Nicosia,Cyprus
Hungarian passports Central Hungary Regional State Administration Office Department of Authorities
Czech passports Certificate of no Impediment- Czech Republic
Uzbekistani passports Ministry of Justice –Republic of Uzbekistan
Lithuanian passports Certificate of Capacity to contract marriage - Municipality Administration Office-Civil Registry Office,Republic Lithuania
Romanian passports Municipality/Public Community Service for Records of People
Swiss passports Civil Status Office/Swiss Confederation
Polish passports Registry Office/Republic of Poland
*Please note that citizens of countries members to the Hague Convention on Legalization, should stamp their documents with an apostille stamp and other countries should legalize them with a legalization stamp by their Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Authenticity and Other Legalities

All documents must be Originals and these will be kept by the Town hall, so if you need copies make sure you done this before your departure. Failure to prove authenticity of the documents will result in your Wedding being cancelled.