All prices are in euro and correct at the time of publication


Package prices do not include Municipality, Church and Venue Fees as these are required to be paid by yourselves as follows :


Municipality and Anglican Church Fees

Please open the LEGALITIES window to read all information regarding fees etc. of the Townhall authorities of Ayia Napa and Paralimni and of the Anglican Church.

Changes to Wedding date or time

Although this is very rare and we always advise in advance, Eden Weddings cannot be held responsible for any changes to your wedding time or date made by the municipality, church or hotel involved.

Eden Wedding Packages

The number and the variety of our packages aim to satisfy and cover the needs and desires of our Brides…you can discuss with your Wedding planner minor changes and upgrades to the package you chosen. In cases of major changes, we strongly advise the Brides to create their own package using the Eve’s Creation package.


Deposits & Payments Eden Wedding Packages

A non-refundable booking deposit of €400euro is required for all wedding packages.


The remaining payments will be required / requested as followsand will include anyupgrades and extra special touches :



Deposits & Payments Wedding Receptions

A non refundable booking deposit of €400 is required.


The remaining balance will be required / requested as follows and will include any upgrades and extra special touches :




Suppliers of External Services

Eden Weddings has worked with the same suppliers for many years and can therefore guarantee their professionalism and quality of service to ensure your wedding day runs perfectly and to your expectations.

Eden Weddings cannot co-ordinate and take any responsibility for services obtained by outside suppliers booked direct by the customer and we strongly advise to avoid such services.

Eden Weddings cannot be held responsible for any alterations in products, prices, policies etc. made by our colleagues and suppliers. Customers will be notified of any changes to items within a package and have the option if they wish to cancel an item which is subject to a price increase.



It is the responsibility of the customer to bring the required and correct documentation. Please open the LEGALITIES window to read all information regarding the documents required by the Townhall authorities of Ayia Napa and Paralimni and of the Anglican Church.

Failure to bring the original and correct documents will result in your wedding being cancelled.


Cancellation of Wedding by Client

If a customer wishes to cancel the wedding this MUST be done in writing and by fax or email

In the event of cancellation by customer the following charges apply and will be deducted before any refund is made -


Cancellation days before WeddingCharge as a percentage to total

More than 60 days 50 %

59 - 30 days 75 %

29 or less ( or no show ) 100 %


Cancellation of Wedding by Eden Weddings

We reserve the right to cancel any booking if faced with Force Majeure (extreme unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control such as war , riot , civil strife , terrorist activity , industrial dispute , natural or nuclear disaster , fire , flood , adverse weather conditions) …the consequences of which we couldn’t avoid.

If we make such a cancellation, we will offer the client comparable alternative arrangements.

It sometimes, if rarely, occurs that other situations arise, of a local nature, which are equally beyond our control. These include but are not limited to, failure of equipment, loss of water supply, loss of electricity supply or loss of access etc. If the problem cannot be resolved within a reasonable time period, then we will offer alternative, comparable or better arrangements. This offer applies only in the case of problems with an individual venue. It does not apply, for instance, to an area wide loss of services.

Wedding Insurance

To cover any unforeseen circumstances, we strongly recommend you obtain a Wedding Insurance.

Eden Weddings Website

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